DBS-C01 AWS DBS-C01 is an exam offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that focuses on database technologies and concepts. The exam is designed for individuals who have a strong understanding of AWS database services and want to demonstrate their expertise in designing, deploying, and managing databases on AWS. To prepare for the AWS DBS-C01 exam, it is recommended to have at least one year of experience in designing, deploying, and managing databases on AWS. 

The exam is 65 minutes long and consists of 65 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. The passing score is 750 out of 1000 points. The exam fee is $150 USD.

The topics covered in the AWS DBS-C01 exam include:
1. Database design: Understanding data modeling concepts and designing effective database architectures using AWS database services.
2. Database migration and synchronization: Understanding the different options for migrating and synchronizing databases on AWS, including AWS Database Migration Service.
3. Database deployment: Understanding the different deployment options for databases on AWS, including EC2 instances, RDS, and Aurora.
4. Database management: Understanding how to manage and optimize databases on AWS, including backup and restore, monitoring, scaling, and performance optimization.
5. Data security and compliance: Understanding how to implement and manage security and compliance measures for databases on AWS, including encryption, access control, and auditing.

AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) exam is very challenging for beginners. The AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) practice test is a best practice way to study for the exam.

Where to find high-quality AWS DBS-C01 practice tests?
AWS DBS-C01 practice test is a study material specially prepared by SPOTO AWS experts for candidates. Unlike the website's free resources, SPOTO's DBS-C01 practice test covers 100% of all exam questions, and you can find every question in the actual exam from the practice exam.

Strategies for Making the Most of Practice Tests to Pass the Exam?
The AWS DBS-C01 practice test is consistent with the real test environment, and candidates can adapt to the test format, test time and test difficulty in advance. We regularly update our exam questions, all exam questions are derived from the latest exams, so we ensure the accuracy of our exam questions. At the same time, the AWS DBS-C01 practice test can help you manage the importance of your answering time, and you will become familiar with the time spent on specific exam questions.

Overall, the AWS DBS-C01 practice test is the best exam preparation material for candidates for the AWS Certification Database - Specialization only. SPOTO practice tests will maximize your chances of passing the exam. SPOTO has helped thousands of AWS candidates pass the exam, and our pass rate is trustworthy. If you fail the exam, we will provide additional services or a full refund.

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These AWS Certified Database – Specialty DBS-C01 exam practice questions and answers can help you pass the exam! Unlike other free materials, you won't encounter difficulties passing the exam due to outdated materials. All exam questions are accurate.


I was skeptical when I used the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam questions to prepare. But they have proven to be very useful. Put aside your doubts and start preparing early! These documents will also help in successfully obtaining the certificate.


SPOTO provided detailed AWS DBS-C01 exam questions and answers which helped me better understand the exam topics...without them, I would not have been able to pass the exam successfully. Thanks!


Thanks for the SPOTO DBS-C01 practice test! These exam questions are a supplement to the official aws training courses. In my opinion, this is the key factor for my success in the exam. GJ guys! !

Kenneth Jacobs

My best friend suggested me to take the DBS-C01 practice questions provided here for the exam. After a few weeks of training with them, I passed the exam. Interestingly, most of the exam questions are based on this file. You guys are doing great! XOXO! !

Jamarcus Price

SPOTO will provide you with all the information and knowledge you need to pass the DBS-C01 exam. It is best to review the practice exam questions here to learn about the exam format and question types.

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How do SPOTO exam dumps compare to other study materials?

SPOTO provides 100% authentic exam questions and answers and is the best practice for exam preparation. You just need to memorize the exam questions and answers to pass the exam successfully.

Why do people choose AWS exam dumps?

When you use the exam dumps, you will obtain an AWS certification qualification. Therefore, there is no doubt that these AWS tests are worth it. You will be familiar with the actual test problems and the form of testing.

How do I know if the AWS exam dumps are the latest version of the certification exam?

SPOTO's product manager will regularly update the exam questions to ensure consistency with the real exam version. We have helped tens of thousands of exams pass successfully, and our success rate is absolutely trustworthy.

How long can I practice AWS exam dumps after purchase?

SPOTO provides 2 weeks of service time, you have enough time to practice exam questions online. If you need to extend the practice time, you need to communicate with your instructor.

What should I do if I fail the exam after using SPOTO dumps?

All exam questions dumped by SPOTO are up-to-date and valid. If you fail the exam, we will provide you with a new service to help you pass the exam successfully.

How many questions are there in SPOTO's exam dumps?

The number of SPOTO exam dumps questions is relative to the actual exam. In order to cover all the exam questions 100%, we will provide exercises that are higher than the number of exam questions. usually, the number of exam questions is between 200-300 questions.